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How Do We Prevent The Next Trayvon Martin Tragedy? Gun Control

This essay originally appeared on Palo Alto Patch.

Trayvon Martin

I wouldn’t call it an obsession exactly, but the killing of Trayvon Martin has occupied much of my attention lately.  Perhaps it is the senseless waste of a young life, or the fact that yet another parent has needlessly lost their beloved child, or the incontrovertible racist undertones, or the role unbidden fear played in his death (or all of the above) that has nurtured my mania. But while I have spent an inordinate amount of time reading news articles and watching one too many news videos on the case, not once have I confronted a meaningful discussion about gun control.  Continue reading

I Am Troy Davis and So Are You

This essay originally appeared on Palo Alto Patch.

I Am Troy Davis

Troy Davis

My son and I watched The Green Mile the other night. You may know the story: An African-American man is falsely accused of murder, and, despite their conviction that he is innocent, his jailers are required to execute him. You see, he was given the death penalty for a crime he didn’t commit.

After the movie ended, my son shook his head (was that a tear I saw?) and said, “That just isn’t right.” Continue reading

Racism is Alive and Well in My Hometown…Or is It?

This essay first appeared on Patch.com

A blond woman left her white SUV idling as she got out to approach a man bent over a bike. It was one of many lined up along the train platform, ducks sitting in a row. The man’s bright-white basketball shoes stood out against his black jeans, black jacket, black baseball cap and dark skin. He carried a large backpack over his shoulder that kept slipping off, as he worried a screwdriver into a bolt on the reflector light below the bike’s seat. Continue reading